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Online Databases

database screen shot

Online databases combine the power of database programs with the worldwide access of the Internet. In addition to storing, organizing, and managing complex data, databases are the power behind online learning activities, class management , calendars, registration systems, and other interactive tools. They allow anyone to input information, perform sophisticated searches, review and approve submissions, take quizzes, respond to surveys, maintain personal records, and even upload documents, pictures or videos using simple forms. Security is provided through password protection, controlled access to selected functions, full data encryption and tape back-ups.

What can we provide?

  • Information architecture, interface and instructional design, writing, editing for public and administrative sites
  • Database, middleware and Web site programming in HTML, Flash, SQL, ColdFusion and more
  • Artwork, photography, graphic design, animation and video
  • Voice talent and audio
  • Hosting and security

Visit SCOE Projects for examples of IMS Web sites and online databases.

Contact Melinda Holt to learn more about database development.
(916) 228-2636
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