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SCOE Projects

What's Next? iPhone App

"What's Next?" Apps

The What's Next? apps are Jeopardy-style games that provide adult education learners insight on finding a job or steps to continue their education. The smarmy game show host, Wink Martindale, presents the content in a fun and informative way, utilizing animation and sound effects to provide the user with helpful feedback. Available as both an iPad and iPhone app, they were designed for use with online courses that are offered by the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN), but are available to anyone. These free apps can be downloaded from the App Store by searching: What's Next (School) and What's Next (Job).

English for the Nursing Assistant screen shot

English for the Nursing Assistant

The English for the Nursing Assistant Web site ( helps ESL learners who are preparing for certification as a nursing assistant. The site makes full use of multimedia, including video, animation and interactive learning activities. Users learn positive verbal and non-verbal communication skills, enabling them to communicate effectively on the job with both patients and other health care staff.

Each lesson offers ESL students multiple opportunities to practice listening for main ideas in a lecture, note-taking, pronouncing and understanding key vocabulary, reading academic text, and answering multiple choice questions that are similar to those found on the CNA State certification test.

U.S.A. Learns screen shot

U.S.A. Learns

U.S.A. Learns is a free Web site funded by the U.S. Department of Education to support immigrants who want to learn or improve their English skills as they become part of American society. Site features include:

  • High-quality video with topics, characters and situations that reflect the challenges of immigrants in U.S. society
  • A wide variety of activity types offering rich media – video, images, and audio files
  • Picture dictionary with over 460 high-quality photographs and audio
  • Definitions and vocabulary practice for over 800 words
  • Units organized by thematic topics
  • Immediate feedback in comprehension checks
  • Scoring and quizzes
  • Simple navigation requiring little or no orientation
  • Animated Introduction narration available in English and Spanish
  • Animated Help screens
  • Recordkeeping and bookmarking of a student’s last activity
  • Management site for teachers or tutors to monitor student progress
Lessons for Living Well screen shot

Lessons for Living Well

Lessons for Living Well is designed to help adult ESL learners not only gain knowledge of good nutrition, but more importantly, take steps towards making healthier food choices. It uses Flash animations, videos and a variety of user interaction to stimulate involvement and learning. Visitors accompany Blanca as her doctor tells her about the importance of making healthy food choices. Later, she learns to read food labels and nutrition charts, and finds simple ways to make better food choices, even at fast food restaurants. Whether it’s video feedback, graphic quizzes, or analyzing the salt and fat content of meals using the animated Health-O-Meter, site visitors are kept involved as Blanca learns to make healthier food choices. A final quiz and user survey allow the site owners to monitor and evaluate the site’s effectiveness in educating ESL learners and promoting healthier food choices.

TEACH California screen shot

TEACH California

The newly redesigned TEACH California Web site is a highly interactive Web resource for future, new, experienced or retired teachers that quickly and painlessly guides them through the maze of credentialing requirements and into a California classroom, regardless of where they are starting. It includes a Jeopardy-style game, virtual interviews with teachers, an interactive experience to see what teaching is like, and a database-powered personal planning tool.

BTSA screen shot


The BTSA Web site, showcases how good information architecture and database design can bring order and accessibility to daunting mountains of information. ‘My BTSA’ allows participating teachers to find and submit assignments, request approvals, and monitor progress throughout the BTSA program. Support providers can review and approve submissions, arrange and record meetings or send messages to selected teachers. Coordinators can match teachers with support providers and run instant reports to evaluate program progress and quality.

CLRN screen shot


The California Learning Resources Network Web site is an online one-stop information source that enables California educators to identify supplemental electronic learning resources that both meet local instructional needs and embody the implementation of California curriculum frameworks and standards.

Curriculum Companion screen shot

Curriculum Companion

The Curriculum Companion Web site was developed for the Technology and Learning Resources Department of the Sacramento County Office of Education. It offers an extensive library of curriculum resources aligned directly to the activities and lessons in the Open Court, Houghton Mifflin, McDougal Littell, and Holt state adopted curriculum materials in English Language Arts, making it an especially valuable resource for schools and districts in Program Improvement (PI).

In addition, Curriculum Companion offers a number of professional development resources for technology integration into the English Language Arts classroom. The site hosts more than 600 narrated multimedia tutorials on popular software and Web sites. Independent self-guide Teacher Explorations help teachers start setting the stage for technology, and online recorded classes provide 24/7 instruction for teachers wanting to learn new skills and software applications. Finally, with a trainer license, districts and schools can use the already developed flexible training modules to locally deliver professional development for technology integration.

AdultEd Online screen shot

AdultEd Online

AdultEd Online is built around two online self-assessments for teachers, one for distance teaching and the other for technology integration. The Distance Teaching Self-Assessment covers instruction, communication, supporting and motivating students, curriculum and more. Each section is accompanied by a video. The Technology Integration Self-Assessment includes topics such as basic computer operation, productivity software, instructional software, assistive technology, using the Internet, etc. Upon completing the assessment, teachers see their results and have the option of creating a personal professional development plan based on the results of the self-assessment. There are additional features available for school administrators and states to use results of the teacher self-assessments to detemine training needs and monitor overall progress. AdultEd Online was developed with funds from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE).

CDLP Online screen shot

Region 3 After School Extended Learning and Development

The Region 3 After School Web site was created to support SCOE’s efforts as Regional Lead to ensure that after school programs in Region 3 provide high-quality programs that include academics, enrichment, and recreation based on a youth development perspective. The site’s features facilitate provision of technical assistance to after school organizations that have state or federally funded after school programs and encourage collaboration with local and state after school organizations to provide training and resources for Region 3. The site includes information and resources to help with technical assistance; a calendar of related trainings and conferences, complete with online event registration; direct access to presentations, materials, forms and other resources; and links to the California Department of Education’s resources and answers to frequent questions.

CDLP Online screen shot

California Distance Learning Project

The California Distance Learning Project (CDLP) Web site, now hosted by the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network, provides adult basic education resources for both learners and educators. The adult learning activities are grouped into ten topics of interest to adults and are based on real TV news stories. Activities using the original news stories include exercises, games and quizzes that use animation, audio and video to make learning fun and exciting. There are links to other sites for adult learners and resources for educators to learn more about distance learning.

MyEFA screen shot


Developed for the United States Office of Education, English For All is a multimedia system (video, print, Web and CD-ROM) designed to teach English to adults and older adolescents. English For All consists of five real-life stories that feature a multi-ethnic cast introduced by a friendly wizard who guides learners through the 20 episodes and provides simple explanations of the basic points of grammar that are presented. A hybrid CD-ROM interactive Web site integrates the support exercises and activities with the video series.



California Department of Education, Special Education Division's Interactive Databases have been managed and maintained by SCOE for some eight years in order to provide easily-accessible, current information to schools and families throughout California.



The Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) MIS Web site enables 13 member districts and the Sacramento County Office of Education to maintain all Special Education student data in a single, centralized database, simplifying mandatory state reporting as well as producing a variety of SELPA and district-level reports. All information is checked for errors as it is entered, and the site is password protected.


Systemwide Evaluation of Teacher Preparation

This site was designed to allow the California State University system to track its teacher preparation program graduates in their careers and obtain their feedback on the quality of their preparation. Graduate information is maintained in a single, secure, password-protected database. Graduates are asked to respond to an online survey about the quality of their teacher training and their supervisors are asked to evaluate the skills of the graduates. The results are used to guide improvement of the preparation programs. This site is password-protected.


CSU Retention Survey

This site was designed to collect data from teachers across California to help California State University better understand the staffing patterns in California's public schools and identify the factors influencing teachers' decisions to remain where they are, to transfer to other schools, or to leave the teaching profession altogether. This site is password-protected.

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