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Streaming Video

photo of control room

‘Streaming’ refers to the process of sending a video or sound file over the Internet in pieces. It allows the viewer to begin seeing the video before the entire file has been received. While the video is being watched, the remainder of the file is transferred. The other method, downloading, requires that the entire file be transferred before the video can be viewed.

What can we provide?

  • Digitizing of video from original source
  • Compression of video files in a variety of formats
  • Hosting on a dedicated server with maintenance and back-up

View a sample streaming video:* PC version | Mac version

Contact Melinda Holt to learn more about streaming video.
(916) 228-2636

* You must have Windows Media Player 10 or higher to view streaming videos. For the latest version of Windows Media Player, go to Windows Media download center.

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