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What is a SCOE Webcast?

Webcasts make it possible to deliver live video via the Web to hundreds of simultaneous viewers. Presentations can include panel discussions, recorded video, computer graphics and an interactive chat. Webcasts originate from the SCOE TV studio ad utilize the ultra-high-speed CalREN Digital Network. Viewers need only a computer, laptop, or 'smart device' with Internet access and a browser. Interaction between presenter and viewer is achieved by using an accessible online chat. Webcasts are recorded and can later be ‘archived’ and streamed over the Internet for viewing on demand (see Technical Requirements below). Both live and archived Webcasts produced at SCOE can be viewed on multiple platforms using many different devices (i.e., Mac or PC, laptop, iPad or Netbook, Droid or iPhone, etc.)

When should you use a Webcast instead of a videoconference?

A Webcast should be used when: there will be more than eight connecting sites, interaction between sites and presenter is needed, when an archive will be needed, and/or when there will be a large audience. Webcasts can include all the production values of a television talk show, including a studio set, multiple cameras, interview panels, pre-recorded video and computer presentations. Interaction with remote audiences is limited to receiving questions and comments via an accessible chat provided by SCOE.

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* You must have Adobe Flash Player or higher to view Webcast videos on a computer or laptop. iOS devices do not need Flash installed. For the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, go to Adobe Flash download center.

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