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Web Sites

CDLP web site screen shot

Web sites are used to display a variety of information and media on any computer anywhere in the world that is connected to the Internet and has the proper software. A Web site is made up of many related individual screen displays called pages. Pages can display text, tables, data, photos, graphics, animations or video as well as play sounds or music. By clicking on ‘buttons’ or ‘hot’ text or graphics, visitors to a site have a very interactive experience. Remote access to powerful database functions is made possible using ‘middleware’ to connect database programs to Internet software. Such technology is used to create online calendars, registration systems, discussion boards, online learning environments and powerful analysis and reporting of data. Online data and digital media are stored in a central computer called a server. Storing and safeguarding the digital information and media is called ‘hosting.’

What can we provide?

  • Information architecture, instructional design, writing, editing
  • Programming in HTML, Flash, SQL, ColdFusion and more
  • Artwork, photography, graphic design
  • Animation and video
  • Voice talent and audio
  • Online databases, surveys and analysis
  • Hosting and security

Visit SCOE Projects for examples of IMS Web sites.

Contact Melinda Holt to learn more about Web site development.
(916) 228-2636
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