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The ULAB for Teens is an online resource designed for youth by the Institute for Advancing Unity. We believe that your words, your art, your actions, can be positive expressions of social change.

The Institute for Advancing Unity is an education organization whose mission is to create transformational experiences where people learn about the consequences of prejudice and violence, practice tools that foster harmony, and make choices that empower themselves and others to build UNITY.

The Institute is raising funds to build a permanent facility, The UNITY Lab, where participants will “walk in the shoes” of others, understand the importance of respect for others and themselves, and celebrate those who have overcome the challenges of prejudice and violence.

The UNITY Lab’s multi-use facility, programs and events will promote safe, healthy and equitable communities at the local and national scale. Facilitating coalition building and collaboration through transformational education technology, the UNITY Lab  is designed to empower people and organizations with nonviolent tools for change.

To learn more, visit the UNITY Lab website.

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