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Introduction Introduction: Social change doesn’t just happen. People create change… ordinary people like you and me who have the passion and the courage to express themselves in extraordinary ways. Here you can explore the stories Californians from the past and present who have used creative expression to challenge assumptions, spark new ideas and inspire action.
Tadashi Nakamura Tadashi Nakamura: Tadashi Nakamura is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who explores the themes of empowerment and community. His films span the impact of a self-help group turned basketball team to the story of an abandoned internment camp where his father, grandparents and thousands of other Japanese Americans were unjustly imprisoned during World War II. For Tadashi Nakamura, grassroots activism starts with understanding the roots of ordinary people who, when they come together with a common vision, can do the extraordinary.
Royal Chicano Air Force Royal Chicano Air Force: Jose Montoya, art professor and political activist, founded the Royal Chicano Air Force in 1969 with fellow artists Estebaban Villa, Juanishi V. Orosco, Richardo Favela and Rudy Cuellar. As sons of migrant farmers, this group of inspired and committed artists found particular meaning in Cesar Chavez’s and the United Farm Workers’ causes of improved wages and working conditions of migrant workers. Their trademark silk screen posters were used to educate, agitate and organize, inspiring communities to take pride in their cultural roots and use art to express their history and struggle for equality.
Charlotta Bass Charlotta Bass: Charlotta Bass was pioneering civil rights leader, standing among the century’s most important African Americans. Her provocative journalism and courageous political activism were bold victories for civil rights— not just in Los Angeles, but across the country. In 1912, she took over as editor for the Eagle, California’s oldest African-American newspaper, and her career spanned World Wars I and II, the Great Depression, the early Civil Rights Movement. Bass was also a political candidate at the local and national levels, making history as the first African American woman to run for Vice President of the United States in 1952. She remained a crusader for social justice until her death in 1969.
Conclusion Conclusion: The creative efforts of the extraordinary people you met here are truly inspiring. But their accomplishments are not out of reach – each of us possesses extraordinary capabilities and immense potential. Embrace your own potential. Be a champion of unity.