Verification Review

CDE-SED Verification Review – Parent/Guardian Input

If your district is participating in the California Department of Education's Special Education Verification Review, you may be invited to complete a survey. Completing the survey is a chance for you to tell CDE about the special education services your child has received. CDE is also interested in learning about your child's recent experiences in the programs that your school district provides to infants, toddlers, children and youth. They want to hear what you think works and what areas could be made better.

The Parent/Guardian input is an important part of the CDE-SED Verification Review process for school districts. It is one way that school districts can examine their compliance with the law as stated in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The survey is designed to gain as much information as possible from parents and guardians about key areas in the district's implementation of IDEA.

The survey is distributed by the school district and will also be available online.

Padres/Guardias encuestas y juntas en español