Special Education Self Review

Spanish version of Special Education Self Review parent survey

The Special Education Self Review (SESR) Information Management System is an interactive, integrated approach to capturing the responses from the California Department of Education SESR parent/guardian survey and creating informative reports using the data. The system is developed and maintained by the SEEDS Project, in coordination with the Internet and Media Services (IMS) Department of the Sacramento County Office of Education. SEEDS is a training and technical assistance project of the California Department of Education (CDE), Special Education Division (SED). The SEEDS Project has assisted in the CDE/SED Quality Assurance Process for the past nine years.

Parents/Guardians: Complete an online survey now! If you are a parent and would like to enter a Self Review Survey online, please click here and select your district from the drop-down menu. Enter only one survey per student please. Having trouble finding your district on the list? Your district may not be required to conduct a Special Education Self Review at this time, or has opted to not use this online database system. Contact your district if you have further inquiries.

Districts: If you are a district and would like to enter SESR survey data or run a report, log in with your name and password. Please contact Robin Ryan at (916) 228-2388 to set up a district login and obtain a password.


For more information about the Special Education Self Review, or to view Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

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If you are a district planning to use the SEEDS Admin and Online Parent Survey, contact Robin Ryan 916-228-2388 to sign up and obtain a copy of the invitation in English and Spanish, which includes the survey link.

Download SESR documents using the links below:

Self Review Surveys

Meeting Invitations