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Parent/Guardian Survey

By providing us with some information about your student, school and district, we can better identify program strengths and weaknesses. Complete the survey by .

District of Attendance Palo Alto Unified  (2013-14)
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All Parents

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1. Does the district make a good faith effort to assist your child with achieving the goals and objectives or benchmarks listed in his/her Individualized Education Program (IEP)?
2. Do you receive progress reports on how your child is meeting his/her Individualized Education Program/ Individualized Family Service Plan (IEP/IFSP) goals/ outcomes at least as often as the regular report card schedule?
3. Are the services your child is receiving in accordance with his/her IEP?
4. Do you receive a copy of your parental rights (procedural safeguards) at least one time per year?
5. Did the school district facilitate parent involvement as a means of improving services and results for your child?

Parents of Infants/Toddlers Only

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6. If your child is under three (3)-years of age, is his/her Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) reviewed with you at least every six (6) months?
7. Were the transition services for your child from infant to preschool programs planned and implemented as written?

Parents of School Age Children (Preschool through 12th Grade)

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8. Do you understand the reasons why your child was referred for Special Education services?
9. Were your child's strengths considered during the IEP Meeting?
10. Were the results of your child's assessment used to plan IEP goals?
11. Is your child re-evaluated for Special Education every three (3) years?
12. Does the district have an IEP meeting for your child at least once a year?
13. Does a regular education teacher attend your child's IEP meeting, unless you and the district agree, under specified circumstances, to excuse him/her?
14. Were information and any concerns you had about your child considered when planning and writing his/her IEP?
15. At your child's IEP meeting, did the team discuss your child's program in terms of the least restrictive environment (e.g., general education classroom, resource, special day class, etc.) for him/her?
16. Are teachers and service providers informed of specific responsibilities related to implementing your child's IEP, and the specific accommodations, program modifications and support for school personnel?
17. Did you discuss a variety of program options for your child at the IEP meeting?
18. Are IEP goals and objectives reviewed and revised at the IEP meeting, based on both progress and lack of progress?
19. Does your child have the opportunity to participate in school and extra curricular activities (such as, assemblies, field trips and after school activities)?
20. Did the IEP team discuss how your child would participate in State and district testing?
21. If your child will turn 16 years of age before his/her next IEP meeting, did the IEP team discuss transition services (e.g., career interests, employment, high school classes) at the most recent meeting?

Parents Who Don't Speak English at Home or for Parents of Students Who Are Learning English at School

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22. Does your child's IEP indicate that he/she is an English Learner?
23. As an English Learner, does your child receive services to assist with progress in English language development?
24. As an English learner, does your child receive the language support in Special Education classes necessary to learn subjects other than English, such as math or science?
25. If you speak a language other than English, upon request, do you receive information from the school in your native language?
26. Upon request, does the district provide a language interpreter for your child's IEP meeting?

All Parents (Comments)

27. Do you have any other concerns or information about you or your child's Special Education experience that you would like to tell us?